The best online marketing tools in 2020

In 2020 as marketers, we are privileged enough to have a vast range of free and low-cost online resources to give us visibility into our clients, customers, competitors, and market.

The best online marketing tools in 2020

Depends on your goal we can divide all tools by next categories:

By marketing activity: Engage, Reach, Act, Convert

By marketing goals: Repeat, Visitors, Shares, Sales

By audience aims: Referral, Fans, Leads, AOV


The best online marketing tools in 2020

Social Media Publishing Focus

Social media marketing platforms help companies develop, maintain and post content on their social media pages.

Businesses typically maintain multiple accounts through a number of social networks. These social media pages also compliment ad campaigns or promote goods, services, and events. Most companies are seeking to establish a consistent presence, voice, and timeline for posting through their social media pages.

The goal of social media publication platforms is to help companies achieve these objectives. Such platforms allow teams or people to post several accounts and social networks from a single program. Also, the app provides configuration features to help you customize messages to each device.

Social Media listening focus

Social listening leads to observing interactions and patterns that take place not only around your brand, but around the field overall, and using those observations to make reasonable marketing decisions.

Social listening lets you understand when, why, where and how these conversations are going on, and what people think about your company.

Social Media Campaign Tools

Effective social media tools will help you find more content to post. Using them to plan posts at the correct time, and also calculate the effectiveness of the promotions. Furthermore, they have actionable information that you can use to enhance your social media presence.

Online Customer Service Tools

You’re working hard to get leads and clients to your business. It’s very disappointing when bad performance erases all the hard work and leads you to lose key clients.

There are also difficulties in delivering excellent service. As a small business owner, possibilities are incredible to keep track of and respond to client requests in a timely, correct and delightful way.

Marketing Cloud, CRM, and Campaign Management Tools

Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that helps them to build and maintain marketing partnerships and promotions with customers.

The Marketing Cloud platform provides integrated solutions for client journey management, e-mail, mobile, social media, web customization, ads, content development, content production and data management.

Email Service Providers Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation removes problems and complexities from the manual aspects of marketing, thus offering you the strategic resources you need to develop better consumer relationships and provide customized customer experience.

Marketing automation helps you to evenly market through various platforms, segment your customers, and reach them with personalized experience, saving your resources and significantly increasing performance.

Survey and Voice of Customer Tools

There are many opportunities to enhance company products or services, but it can be difficult to learn how to do the best to satisfy consumers. Choices that may seem obvious inside a company may feel unfamiliar and out-of-the-box.



Site Audience Comparison

One of the easiest ways to assess what is really “up” is to compare any of the competitors in order to provide you with the information you need to better analyze your own digital marketing performance. While there is no universal source of competitive intelligence, there are a number of different options at your disposal.

Digital Analytics Tools

Digital analytics has been more essential in the recent past. One of the reasons for this is that a data-driven marketing strategy has a positive impact on overall sales performance. Quantitative results are important for any company, as they help you know more about your current status and, of course, help you determine which route you must follow.

SEO Keyword Analysis

Here you’ll get tools and techniques to discover the knowledge, as well as learn tactics that will help you avoid the weaknesses of keyword research and create strong content. If you learn how your target market is looking for your content, you will begin to explore a whole new field of strategic SEO!

SEO Rank Checking

The best rank checking tools

SEO Site Crawling

Making sure that the web is crawled and indexed is a requirement for showing up in the SERPs. If you already have a website, it may be a smart idea to continue by seeing how many of your sites are in the index. It will give you some valuable insights as to how Google is searching and locating all the sites you expect it to, and those that you don’t.


SEO Backlink Analysis

Analyze the links of any site

Google Ads and Paid Search Analysis

Influencer Outreach and Management

Engaging influencers is now a crucial marketing tactic to extend your scope and visibility by combining your content marketing, social media, and SEO practices.

Data Management Platforms and Audience Targeting

The Data Management Platform (DMP) is a comprehensive platform for gathering, managing and enabling first, second and third-party audience data from any channel, including online, offline, mobile, and even beyond. This is the foundation of data-driven marketing which allows companies to obtain valuable insights into their clients.



Website interaction and UX Tools

UX tools concentrate on the user and how they can interpret the content. These tools will help organize the information architecture, as well as how anyone is going to get through the process. Although this is more technical, UX platforms are intended to help designers paint a clearer image of how content and organization can use their experience.

Content Management Systems

Content Management System (CMS) is a software that is used to control web content, allowing multiple users to build, update and publish content. CMS content is usually stored in a database and presented in a presentation layer based on a series of templates.

Blogging Tools (and CMS)

Content Curation and Authoring Tools

Content curation consists of discovering information related to your audience from a number of sources and communicating it strategically across your communication channels.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management answers one of the greatest problem questions that businesses face today – the abundance of digital content. It takes this data and places it centrally for all departments and external customers to have easy access to it. This activates groups and holds all branding materials appropriate.

DAM boosts the safety, organization, and user-friendliness of digital assets. The DAM system expands information availability while retaining quality expectations. More notably, it empowers workers, preventing them from long searches for requests. This allows them to concentrate on what really matters.

On-site Push Notifications



Personalization for E-commerce

Personalization of eCommerce means providing personalized deals, product recommendations, and other information to the users on the basis of their previous behavior, demographics and other custom details.

Personalization means that promotions are important to you.

Push Notifications and Email Re-targeting

Push Notifications and Email retargeting use the information you already know about your clients to optimize the content you send to them via e-mail.

The way you receive your client’s details is via a browser cookie, which is a little file that has been placed in your browser as you visit the website. It’s the same kind of file you used to keep things in your shopping cart as you leave and go back to Amazon.

A/B and Multivariate Testing Tools

There is a wide range of UX test types, but the most common way to test the design is to apply A / B and multivariate tests. These techniques are used to compare various versions of the same layout or content in order to determine which one contributes to better conversion rates. Testing typically involves headings, subheadings, media content (images, video), copywriting, call-to-action buttons (CTAs), fonts, colors, and links. Moreover, you can run A / B tests for almost any functionality.

E-commerce Management

Product and Customer Review Tools

Review Management software allows companies to gather testimonials and reviews, respond to adverse feedback, and enhance the customer’s understanding of the product or service provided by the organization.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is the method of evaluating how the company was identified by callers. Marketing and sales managers may use call tracking data to measure the performance of promotional campaigns and to refine future marketing plans.

Customer Messaging and Live Chat

Live-chat is a must-have for the website of every company. Customers respond positively and tend to do so through email and phone. Live-chat offers consumers the real-time contact they deserve. Objectively, it is more adaptable than the above channels, easy to track and cost-effective.

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